Solution: BBQ Chicken cat food

Everyone seems to love BBQ chicken … the ones from the deli department at your grocery store. Even cats can not resist the aroma. Surprisingly, they are very inexpensive and provide us with a very creative and easy, AND TASTY, way to make a cat food nearly no cat can resist. The following recipe can also be prepared for cats who have gone off their raw food, or cats who require a calorie rich, highly palatable diet – for whatever reason. I have employed this recipe both for transitioning, when a gradual transition from a commercial product was not possible, and to feed one of my older cats who, after 10 years of eating raw, became more and more resistant to eating meat raw. Using this recipe as a foundation, the cooked chicken can gradually be replaced by raw chicken.

450g (1 lb.) meat from a BBQ chicken
20g (1/8 cup) TCfeline PLUS chicken liver cat food premix
¾ cup water or 10% “Half & Half” cream.
1 raw egg yolk – optional
extra water when pureeing the meat – optional

Pictorial Preparation Instructions:

1. BBQ chickens at your deli are available fresh or cold (day-old). The later will be less expensive, but is equally suited for making the cat food. The skin will be discarded. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that it is seasoned, or what it is seasoned with. However, I would advise not to purchase a BBQ chicken seasoned with extra hot spices.
2. Pull all the skin off the chicken and throw it away. Remove as much meat off the bones as you can. Throw away all the bones. One BBQ chicken typically provides between 550 – 600g of pure meat. Weigh out the required amount of meat needed to prepare this recipe.
3. Cut the chicken meat in small cubes. You can leave it as small cubes to prepare the cat food or puree it as follows.
4. In a food processor, chop the chicken meat finely.
5. Add ½ cup of water for consistency.
6. Continue pureeing.
7. Add ¼ cup (30g) TCfeline PLUS chicken liver cat food premix.
8. Add ¾ cup water or 10% “Half & Half” cream.
9. Continue pureeing until smooth.
This does not only look delicious …
… Anushi agrees it IS delicious. The pureed version of this BBQ chicken cat food can create a similar texture sensation in the mouth as eating a spoon full of peanut butter. For that reason, many cats prefer this food when the meat is kept as little chucks.
When leaving the chicken meat as chunks, simply whisk the premix and water (or cream) together in a separate bowl, and then add the meat cubes. WHEN FEEDING THIS FOOD LONG TERM, or when feeding a sick cat, it is a very good idea to mix one raw egg yolk into the food. This will compensate somewhat for the meat being cooked. This addition will not negatively affect the taste.

The BBQ chicken cat food prepared with chicken meat chunks looks a lot like chicken salad. Don’t be tempted to taste it, because even to people – with the premix in it – it tastes really good!