It is a time honored tradition that, in addition to offering my cat food premix products, I also publish my recipes for creating cat food from scratch, because this is what made my start in raw and homemade cat food.

The TCfeline premix is not available in all countries, and these recipes enable people without access to the premix to make a homemade diet following the principles I set down. Also, there is no TCfeline premix for making a cat food using meat that includes bone, like using a whole, ground chicken carcass to make cat food, but I can offer a recipe for this type of cat food.

Feeding raw doesn’t work for everyone, or every cat, and is not a fit for every situation. So here are some suggestions for home-canning meat, using the home-canned meat to make cat food, how to best cook meat to use in cat food, and an innovative cat food solution to use a store-bought BBQ chicken to make cat food for cats who are very reluctant about homemade cat food.

Vegetables normally have no place in my cat food, but there are two exceptions. When preparing a reduced protein diet for cats with ailing kidneys, buffering the meat portion in the diet with the addition of specific vegetables creamed with butter is desirable. Below are two versions of a “Veggie Mix” that can be added to the Reduced Protein Cat Food Recipe. Addition of specific vegetables to any cat food may also be a remedy for constipation.