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Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
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But before you write to me with your question or comments, please know, the information I offer on my website is indented for healthy cats. I am not a Veterinarian or Clinical Nutritionist and can not give advise on what you could do for your ailing cat. In many cases I won’t even have a personal experience that I could share with you. As a Feline Nutritionist, my focus is on learning about the natural dietary habits of cats and create a diet which mimics cats’ natural food habits. Please do not ask which food I would recommend for your cat with allergies, sensitive stomach, hyperthyroidism, urinary disorders, or any one of the many conditions that can afflict our feline friends. It is the responsibility of your Veterinarian to advise you about a therapeutic diet suitable for your cat. You can then take this information and, together with your own research, conclude that one of my recipes or one of my premixes may be suitable for your cat. But I do not have the training or time to work through the case history of your cat to arrive at a suitable diet for him or her. That is simply not what I do, although I can sympathize that you may feel a little helpless. However, you must trust that you can learn yourself what is best for your cat.

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Are you in Canada?
Then go directly to the Three Gables Farm ONLINE STORE!
The cat food premixes I made in British Columbia are for customers in Canada.
Are you from the USA?
Know Bones Pet Supply LLC in Oregon makes a cat food premix for customers in the US. Learn more about their products on THIS page and visit their website to find a online source or store.
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Tatzenladen in Germany makes a cat food premix for the EU. Learn more about their products on THIS page and visit their website to shop from within the EU. Tatzenladen can also refer you to retailers in Switzerland and Poland.
If a cat food premix is not available where you are from, please go to my RECIPES page for resources to make home-made cat food from scratch.