The raw cat food premix for making cat food was invented in 1998 by me, Natascha Wille, here on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. Before that, we had a very successful little business selling our cat food as a pre-made frozen diet in Vancouver and area. The old adage says: necessity is the mother of all inventions. Moving to an island made distribution of a pre-made frozen cat food impossible, and the solution of the premix was born!

Motivation behind creating the premix

In my experience, feeding cats a homemade diet prepared with fresh, raw meat can help prevent diseases which cause heartache for millions of owners and rob millions of cats of quality of life. How? This diet mimics the nutritional composition of what our desert-dwelling mouse-hunters would naturally eat. Its not magic, but common sense! In my ongoing study of feeding this diet exclusively to a group of cats since 1998, conditions like lower urinary tract disorder, obesity, diabetes, irritable bowel disease, and chronic kidney disease have not occurred. As early as 1995 I began sharing the benefits of raw feeding, and today I am in business, because people asked me to make cat food for them rather.

TCfeline_raw meat cat food_what is the premix

What is the TCfeline raw cat food premix?

TC Feline raw cat food premix is a powdered supplement containing essential, natural, bio-available nutrients from carefully selected ingredients. When added to fresh, raw meat, it makes a complete cat food recommended as a staple diet for cats of all ages and breeds.

The ingredients of the premix are essentially the ingredients and supplements you would otherwise buy as groceries, capsules, powders, and pills when following the do-it-yourself  “from scratch” homemade cat food recipe. All the supplement components of the raw cat food recipe are conveniently pre-mixed in accurate amounts and proportions to save you from having to source and buy all these components separately. Instead of measuring, counting, and squeezing half a dozen individual ingredients before you even weigh your meats and measure your water, the premix is just one scoop.

My raw cat food premix TCfeline is one of the few products where convenience does not compromise quality. I source the ingredients exactly in the same places where supplement manufacturers source their ingredients to put into pills, capsules, or bottles that you then buy at health food stores or pharmacys.The price of the premix is the same as buying all the supplements separately.

Another benefit of buying the premix is that you only buy exactly what you need, instead of quantities of different supplements that all get used up at different times. Instead of storing half a dozen different jars in your cupboard or fridge, you have just one jar of TCfeline premix.

Last, but not least, I am able to enhance the premix with ingredients you would likely not buy retail. Freeze-dried New Zealand bovine bone isn’t exactly available in every health food store and neither is Arctic freeze-dried krill. There are certain additional benefits I can offer you and your cat because of the experience and resources I possess after having made the premix for 20 years.

The TCfeline premix is carefully hand-made to this day and is not taking anything away from the home-made cat food despite being a pre-made product. My own cats eat it every day.

What is behind the name?

The “TC” in TCfeline stands for True Carnivore. Since the very beginning of my work of promoting a homemade raw diet for cats, the motto and mission has been “Nurturing the True Carnivore”. The cat food premix is “Made for True Carnivores” and its name “TCfeline” symbolizes that.

Development of TCfeline

The TCfeline premix is the result of my dedication and passion for cats. It is backed by my study of feline nutrition since 1995, and an ongoing feed trial since 1998. It combines the study of the natural habits of small, wild felines, the nutritional analysis of mice, research into nutrients and foods, comparison to established official nutritional requirements of cats, first hand application, and many years of trials. The premix is being further developed and improved on constantly, as well as tested extensively in house with my own cats every day.

Some pet food companies, including raw food manufacturers, pride themselves in their foods having been tested in independent feeding trials to proof adequate for the feeding of cats. At the end of these 26 weeks long independent laboratory feeding trials, all the cats that helped establish the results are typically euthanized or are kept on site for another feeding trial. For us there is no honor in this. In lieu, I have been conducting my own, ongoing, in-house feeding trial with my own cats, using my premix, in my own home since 1998. Almost all of my cats are rescued, and all of my cats are members of my family.

Click on the image below to see a nutritional analysis comparing the analysis of wild mice with the nutritional composition of cat food made with my TCfeline raw cat food premix.

What can you expect?

The cat food prepared with TCfeline is entirely designed to meet the needs of your desert-dwelling mouse-hunter. The premix in blended using only the very highest quality, human grade ingredients. Your cat will not have to eat much of the resulting cat food to meet his or her nutritional and caloric needs. 1/2 cup of food per day divided into 2-3 servings is sufficient for most adult cats. This is ideal for a creature who is adapted to eating small, highly digestible meals throughout the day.

The following is a list of attributes true for most cats when fed exclusively this raw meat diet. (Results will depend on the overall care and devotion given to the cat, as well as the quality of his/her environment and emotional well being.)

  • Less stool with hardly any odor
  • Stool is firm, pellet-like, and may only be passed every other day
  • Regular, possibly increased urine output due to moisture content of the food
  • Less water drinking
  • Over time, a soft, lustrous, glossy coat
  • Fewer if any hair balls
  • Thin cats will gain muscle; overweight cats will lose weight
  • Development of lean muscle to support cat’s athletic ability

In my own study of feeding this diet exclusively to a group of cats since 1998, the following conditions were 100% PREVENTED:

  • Bladder infections, and Lower Urinary Disorder caused by urinary crystals (struvite and oxalate)
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Irritable Bowel Disease
  • Kidney Disease

It is my heart-felt hope and wish to PREVENT many common illness afflicting cats today through education and through encouragement to start your cat on the path to better health BEFORE disease sets in. However, despite all the care which went into developing this formula, it is only a food. It is the reality of life that we all must age, that not all illness can be cured, and that not all conditions can be improved with diet. This doesn’t mean that this diet is not a good food or a good product, but it obeys the sober truth that anyone’s remedies and recommendations will come up against the wall of mortality. Nonetheless, I feel that the quality of many cats’ lives can be improved with this food – to whichever degree possible – despite the natural course of aging, and some irreversible injuries and disease.