Innovator of today’s most popular raw meat cat food.

The raw meat cat food recipe I developed in the period of 1995-1997, subsequent to starting my own cats on homemade cat food and founding the “Feline Future Foundation” with co-creator Scott Baker, has become the bread and butter to many who feed a raw meat diet to cats today. I would even say that my recipe is the most popular raw meat cat food recipe in use, shared and republished countless times in various medias to eventually even appear on WikiHow. Image on the left shows Scott Baker on the right with me holding our favorite cat “Cheops”, in front of the Feline Future vehicle in 1998

See what the recipe looked like in 1997!

Scott Baker and I approached the subject of feline nutrition with a deep passion for cats, and our devotion to their well-being has been an inspiration to thousands over the years.

The recipe first appeared in 1996 as a single sheet info hand-out and then  as “The Recipe for our Nutriment for Cats” as part of a 39 page information booklet called “Nurturing the True Carnivore” published by the Feline Future Foundation. The first online version of the recipe, and revised formula without vegetables, was published by us on the website in 1997 for a much greater and global audience.

Leave through a 1999 version of the “Nurturing the True Carnivore” booklet

The recipe was published in conjunction with us making a pre-made frozen raw cat food which sold very successfully in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and area.

In 1998 the idea of the raw cat food PREMIX was born, because distribution of our pre-made frozen raw cat food became an impossibility after we moved with our 19 cats to Salt Spring Island, BC. The raw cat food premix, now known as “TCfeline”, supplies all the ingredients of the food or recipe except for the meat, which customers add fresh. The premix became extremely popular and sold throughout the world within a few years of when I first created it.

Around that time we befriended Ms. Michelle Bernard who had contacted us about raw feeding and our experience with it, and later, in 1999, proof-read our book “The Backyard Predator”. All this inspired her to write her own book “Raising Cats Naturally” based on her “Raw Feeding Notes” – a diary she had kept while transitioning her American Shorthair cats to raw with our help. Ann Jablonski, in turn, was inspired to feed raw by Michelle Bernard’s book, and re-published the original recipe on her now well-known website. Ann Jablonski’s website was, in part, the reason why Dr. Lisa Pierson explored raw feeding, which resulted in the creation of the popular website. Over the years, Dr. Pierson made good alterations to the recipe based on her own experience. From here, the recipe was even used to create commercially available frozen raw cat foods.

See what the recipe looked like when we published “The Backyard Predator” 1999. This is the most distributed recipe! Note the copyright notice on the bottom right, which everyone ignored, resulting in the recipe becoming a global sensation among cat lovers.

Here is the original recipe and a recipe using whole ground chicken from our Feline Future website in 2002. Some of the more difficult-to-source ingredients had been omitted at that time to make the recipes more user-friendly. The benefits of these ingredients had never been proven.

Although most people today, nearly 20 years later, can no longer trace the innovator of this unique raw cat food recipe, I am nonetheless so pleased that the results of my work are so popular and a truly functional and beneficial alternative that has gained global acceptance.

This website still features my original cat food recipe in an updated version HERE.