Quality Guarantee:

All of my raw cat food premixes are always fresh and hand-made with great care by myself from ingredients of known origin and purity. Ingredients used to blend the premixes are foods and pharmaceuticals intended for people. These ingredients are extensively tested by the respective manufacturers for purity and safety, and all of them are safe to feed to cats. The premixes are made in small batches, precision measured, blended, sifted, and packaged by hand in a spotless facility. My own cats eat the same premixes that I sell to my clients, every day, and have so since the inception of the raw cat food premix in 1998. This may possibly equal the longest running feed trial for a cat food supplement.

Pure and simple ingredients:

All premix varieties require addition of fresh, raw meat without bone – either ground or as small chunks or a combination of. Dry egg yolk is no longer a part of the premix, but egg yolk should remain a part of the food and be added fresh. Water is added for texture and should be adjusted to best suit the meat used. When using meat chunks, less water will assure that the premix sticks to the chunks. When using ground meats with little moisture, like beef, more water will assure a soft, easy to eat texture.

Xanthan Gum is no longer a part of the Original and PLUS varieties TCfeline premix. This ingredient is 100% safe, but repeated concerns by customers based on misinformation published online made me take it out, because what you want has always been very important to me. Each individual portion of finished cat food would have contained an amount of Xanthan Gum equal that of a single grain of rice. It had no nutritional purpose, but this natural thickener made from the protective mucus coating of harmless bacteria assured that all ingredients were evenly suspended and distributed in the finished cat food, and that the liquid part of the food would not leak out of the meat. If you notice that your cat food is too “soupy” during preparation, simply reduce the quantity of water you add to your next batch. Water is added for texture only. There is no correct amount of water to add when preparing the cat food. Add as much or as little water as is necessary to create a diet texture that pleases you and your cat.