TCfeline premix is easy to use. With the premix, preparing a homemade diet becomes a simple thing: add water and raw meat, its all you need. The resulting cat food is well liked by most cats, especially when they are already accustomed to eating raw meat.

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TCfeline premix is available in different varieties to fit your needs and your cat’s distinguished taste. Feeding a raw diet made with TCfeline diet will not break the bank, or be your new full-time job. A typical batch of cat food is prepared and packaged in as little as six minutes, and the cost of the raw cat food it is comparable to feeding canned cat food.

Typically, the premix powder is used to make a 10-day “batch” of cat food by mixing a 40g or 1/4 cup of premix with a 250 ml or 1 cup of water and adding 2 lbs. (900g) of fresh, raw meat and, when using the “Original Formula, ½ cup (100g) of raw liver. The exact instructions depend on the premix you choose. Instructions are always provided with each variety of the premix. The finished cat food is then frozen as individual daily portions for storage. It is thawed before feeding. Some cat owners like to warm the food before feeding. The raw cat food is meant to be fed as meals, 2-3 times per day. Uneaten portions are promptly removed and placed in the refrigerator for later. Thawed, unused portions should be discarded after 48 hours.

A common question asked by new clients is “which premix should I use?”. I like to reply with: “all of them!” The different premix formulas are not intended to address different dietary needs, but offer your cat a choice in taste, and you a choice which best fits your needs. All varieties are equally suitable for most cats. However, kittens are best fed the “Original Formula” with the addition of fresh liver. For adult cats, making use of more than one premix formula adds variety to the overall meal plan.

With TCfeline Original Formula add fresh liver for ultimate nutrition. TCfeline PLUS Formula with dry beef liver or dry chicken liver included offer the convenience of not having the extra step of having to add fresh liver when preparing cat food. These PLUS varieties also add a distinct flavor to the cat food which many cat adore.

Using all three varieties enable you to interchange the benefits of all and keep your cat’s taste buds excited instead of bored with the same thing in the food bowl day in and day out. Most importantly, variety in meats and premixes creates the best possible nutritional balance. So, rotate both the meat type and premix variety as frequently as possible. I would even suggest to make use of them all throughout the week.

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