The Veggie Mix is used in my “from scratch” do-it-yourself cat food recipe and in the preparation of cat food with my TCfeline SPECIAL Formula to help reduce overall protein.

It can be added to cat food made following my original cat food recipe or to cat food made with my other Tcfeline premix formulas to add fiber and help bulk stool. Using a Veggie Mix instead of just plain canned pumpkin will enhance the overall palatability of the food.

Recipe for Veggie Mix
(the Veggie Mix on its own is NOT intended as a cat food, but as a supplement to cat food)

450 g (2 cups) canned pumpkin
220 g (1 cup) unsalted butter
This amount is intended to be added to a “batch” of cat food made following a recipe or instructions that call for 900g (2lbs.) of meat. The Veggie mix recipe can be cut in half, if less of the Veggie Mix is needed in a batch of cat food to achieve the desired effect. However, it is NOT recommended to increase the amount of Veggie Mix added to the cat food beyond these recommendations.

Pictorial Preparation Instructions:

1. Empty the can of pure pumpkin into a small sauce pan. Over low heat, start warming the pumpkin while stirring.The idea is to warm the pumpkin enough to melt the butter into it, but without boiling it.
2. Add butter.It may look like a lot of butter, but that much is essential especially when using the Veggie Mix for a reduced protein diet. Only fat can serve as a substitute for energy, which the cat otherwise derives from protein.

When using the Veggie Mix to help with regularity in the litterbox, a high fat diet will keep a cat more regular, in addition to the fiber supplied by the pumpkin.

Keep stirring the mix while the butter melts into the pumpkin to avoid burning the pumpkin on the bottom.
As soon as all the butter has melted and the mixture is smooth, remove from the heat and allow to cool to body temperature before adding it to the cat food.
3. You have the OPTION of adding liquid lecithin to the Veggie Mix at this point to help prevent the butter fat from separating from the pumpkin as the mixture cools.Lecithin is a beneficial supplement, but in this recipe is nutritionally not required, but helps with the texture of the food.
Prick each capsule and squeeze out the content. Cutting the end off each capsule with a knife or scissors may be more convenient, because the lecithin is a thick and sticky liquid.Do this while the mixture is still very warm, and stir thoroughly.
4. Once the Veggie Mix has cooled sufficiently, you can add it to a freshly made batch of cat food.
Combine both mixtures thoroughly.The finished mixture of cat food and Veggie Mix needs to be chilled immediately, because the Veggie Mix was added while still warm. If the food is not chilled right away, this may promote growth of bacteria.

Package as individual servings in your favorite containers for freezing.